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  • Fetish Fantasy Zipper Head Hood

    Keep your subject silent and obedient with this Zipper Head Hood. Made from stretchable lycra fabric, this full face hood features a snap-on blindfold and zip-open mouth access. The lightweight material is breathable but thick enough to prevent light from coming in. Zip the mouth shut, snap-on the blindfold, turn out the lights, and turn on the fun!

    Your Price: 35.20

  • Fetish Fantasy Spread Em Bar and Cuff Set

    Welcome your lover with open arms and legs with this incredible Spread 'Em Bar and Cuff Set! This kinky set of metal spreader bars (one 25 inches long and the other 12 inches long) will put you or your partner in the right position for pleasure every time. Attach the adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs and your subject won't be able to close their thighs or wrists. Try new positions and scenarios you never dared, and do it all with ease, thanks to the .....

    Your Price: 79.95

  • Fetish Fantasy Beginners Bit Gag

    Teach your lover the meaning of submissive in no time with this PVC Bit Gag. Made from the same durable material as plastic PVC pipes, this firm gag is great for pony play or gag beginners. The vinyl straps easily adjust to fit most sizes, while they connect to the gag using a sturdy metal O-ring. It's great for small mouths and can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time. Your lover won't know when or how to speak see who has the last word now!

    Your Price: 13.95

  • Fetish Fantasy Knock you Out

    Feeling punchy lately? One tap will strike fear into your submissive and let them know who's boss. The padded glove is soft enough to sandbag your mate with gentle love taps, but is also sturdy enough to really hand out a serious TKO. The 9.5 inch long sturdy plastic rod will ensure that you have enough of a reach to prevent your sub from striking back.

    Your Price: 7.59

  • Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Ball Gag

    Looking for the perfect-sized ball gag but none of them seem to fit? With a few squeezes of the medical-style pump ball, this latex gag (original size 3.5 x 1.75 inches) quickly inflates to fill any size mouth. To relieve the pressure and deflate the gag, simply press the quick-release valve and it shrinks to its original size. The strap adjusts to fit circumferences of up to 24 inches. A free eye mask is also included.

    Your Price: 29.99

  • Fetish Fantasy Silk Scarf Restraints

    Unwind and get a little risque with the feel of silk. These restraints are softer and more sensual than leather, but get the job done nonetheless. Ideal for beginners for binding and gagging, the soft silk securely restrains your lover without discomfort. This set of two 37 inch long scarves and a love mask will start your night on its way to a frisky, seductive encounter.

    Your Price: 14.80

  • Fetish Fantasy Lingerie White X-Pastie and G-String

    If you are looking to set the bedroom alight or wear to a party, as a sun seeker or anywhere that nudity is not permitted, this set covers just enough to keep your modesty while at the same time getting your partner's pulse racing! Both parts of the set are made from soft touch vinyl with the G-string being elasticated for a better fit while the pasties come with an easy peel self-adhesive backing. Available in White in one size and plus size.

    Your Price: 5.59

  • Fetish Fantasy Plus Size Strap-On

    Finally, a real-size strap-on for full-figured women! The Plus-Size Strap-On flatters and fits women with curves, using an adjustable leather waistband that easily accommodates up to size 48 inch waist. A strong metal O-ring comfortably holds the 8 inch long dong securely in place when the action heats up. The genuine leather harness easily adjusts to fit varying sizes, making it the most versatile strap-on set on the market. Now Fetish Fantasies come in .....

    Your Price: 49.99

  • Fetish Fantasy Doggie Style Training Kit

    Get in training for doggie-style sex and enjoy it even more! Ideal for beginners, this playful leash, collar and harness set are the ideal way to spoil your favourite pet! The soft neoprene collar is adjustable up to an 18 inch diameter collar and can de detached from the adjustable nylon leash by unclipping it from the sturdy O-ring. The doggie harness allows you to explore almost every angle and penetrate deeper than before. The soft plush-lined waist .....

    Your Price: 19.80

  • Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag

    When wide open isn't wide enough, The Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag is the gag to turn to. This gag has a sturdy steel 1.5 inch inner diameter ring with four curved metal 'legs' attached which helps to prevent the mouth from closing leaving your sub's mouth wide open for whatever you wish to place inside of it! The gag connects to an adjustable buckle fastening back strap which keeps it securely in place. Jaw ache beckons! One size fits the majority.

    Your Price: 19.95

  • Fetish Fantasy Latex Leggings

    The perfect accessory for clubbing or for the bedroom, the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Latex Leggings are made from high quality hand-tailored latex and are skin tight. These sexy thigh high stockings feature painted cream coloured French seams down the back and matching cream heels and soles. They are also seamless, comfortable, durable and designed for those that like to play hard. Apply talcum powder to make them easier to put on. One size fits the majority.

    Your Price: 123.20

  • Fetish Fantasy Black Fetish Fantasy 6 Inch Hollow Strap On

    This 6 Inch Hollow Strap On is suitable for him and for her. Being hollow inside but coming with a firm outer enables women to use it just as effectively as men. Cleverly curved, this 1.75 inch diameter dildo will expertly hit all the right places. Good for men with erectile concerns or those who wish to have more girth, this strap on dildo will never let you down and always satisfy your partner. The elasticated harness makes it possible for the majority .....

    Your Price: 23.49

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