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  • Leg Avenue Solid Invisible Bra

    The smooth Solid Invisible Bra is fantastic if you wish to wear a tight fitting strapless dress or a low cut top. Just peel away the backing, position over the breasts and smooth down. It provides the maximum amount of support and can be adjusted to the shape that you desire. Peel off the bra gently when finished. 100% polyester. Available in cup size A. Pack contents: 3 pairs.

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  • Leg Avenue Floral Invisible Bra

    The Floral Invisible Bra is perfect for providing the breasts with support whilst wearing anything low cut or strapless. Simply peel away the backing of the bra cup, place on the breast and smooth down gently to secure in place for the duration of wear. Maximum support is guaranteed. The bra peels off easily after use. 100% polyester. Available in cup sizes A, B, C or D in Nude. Pack contents: 3 pairs.

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  • Leg Avenue Push Up Pad

    The Push Up Bra pad is the perfect accompaniment for adhesive invisible bras. Simply insert a pad into each of the adhesive bra's cups and you can temporarily increase your cup size when wearing a strapless dress. Now that will get heads turning! These cups include a pretty floral pattern. They can also be worn inside a regular bra. One size fits the majority.

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  • Leg Avenue Plain Pasty Daisies with Breathable Centre

    Pasty Daisies provide the minimal of cover for the maximum exposure when you want a smooth and sexy look. They are perfect for any kind of tight fitting clothing. Simply remove the circular liner, position and apply to the nipple area. Recommended for up to 8 hours use. To remove, peel off slowly. 100% polyester. One size fits the majority. Pack contents: 4 pairs of pasties.

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