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  • Bijoux Plaisir Nacre Pearl Handcuffs

    These Pearl Bead Handcuffs are playful, stylish and absolutely gorgeous: a jewel to surround every game of seduction with mystery. With easy to use clip hook black fastenings and encased in an attractive black box, add some mystique to your romantic night in with these Plaisir Nacre Pearl Handcuffs.

    Your Price: 11.99

  • Bijoux Pleasure Hunt Stamp

    Packaged in a cute creme box wrapped around a sensuous striped black outer sleeve, you'll want to come and play X marks the spot with this playful body stamp with perfumed ink. With two colour stamps, one red and one black included, you'll want to get branded again and again.

    Your Price: 3.19

  • Bijoux Striptease Greatest Hits CD

    Yes, there is a striptease greatest hits and this is it! This disc contains five tracks featuring R Newman 'You can leave your hat on', Annie Lennox/Dave Stewart 'Sweet dreams', Serge Gainsbourg 'Je T'aime', Gato Barbieri 'Last Tango in Paris' and Jerry Goldsmith 'Basic Instinct'. Get in the mood and strip to these sensuous tracks!

    Your Price: 4.79

  • Bijoux Bling Bling Solo Body Powder

    Dazzle with the most sensual sparks and capture your hottest fantasies with this gorgeous body powder. In an exquisitely detailed black box, this body powder will enhance your beauty and leave your lover wanting more.

    Your Price: 7.99

  • Bijoux Mimi Nipple Jewellery - Gold

    Ideal as a sensual gift, this rhinestone Nipple Jewellery is sexy, beautiful and tempting. Adorn your body with the most sensual sparkle and enhance your best features. Two jewels are included in this striking black jewellery wallet. Can be re-used using non-toxic glue such as eyelash glue.

    Your Price: 6.39

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