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  • ID Frutopia Lubricant - 100ml

    The water-based ID Fruitopia lubricant collection contains 100% natural fruit flavours for 100% fun! Sweetened naturally, these lubricants are sugar free and vegan and latex friendly. These non sticky lubes are perfect for use in oral sex or for massage. Available in a choice of Banana, Cherry, Mango, Raspberry, Strawberry or Watermelon. Contents: 100ml.

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  • ID Flavoured Juicy Lubes 108ml

    Rated number 1 in numerous lubricant reviews, ID Flavoured Juicy Lubes are ultra long lasting, non sticky, non-staining and odourless. They have a clear liquid formula, are latex compatible, water-based and nonoxynol-9 free. With a choice of 12 flavours, let your lover follow your scented trail directly to your erogenous zone!

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